About Edeos…

The Realms of Edeos started as a spark in the imagination of co-creators Josh Robillard and Andy Schiller. Playing D&D first edition in the late 80s and early 90s, the pair developed a village in which to base their adventures. They quickly drew pictures and maps of magic shops, inns, taverns, townsfolk, legends, and so on. Soon, the village was not enough. A map of the continent was drawn, and the story and history of each country followed…

As the pair developed an intricate backstory and interweaving plotlines for the cultures and leaders, the concept of a planet made from a giant dragon egg emerged. Prophecies fortell the end of days, when the dragon egg will hatch, destroying the world. However, one group of clerics predict that it is the world’s re-birth, and it is only the beginning…

Other planets in this solar system are dragon eggs as well. Magical teleportation circles known as “ladders” exist to travel between the realms, but knowledge of such rare magic is restricted to those in the highest levels of the Order.

Edeos is a world of medieval societies, political ingrigue, ancient cultures, post-apocolyptic lands, felines, animal races, high magic, elemental divinity, and breathtaking landscapes… A dozen published adventures await your party, written in D&D 4th Edition, but easily adaptable to any RPG game. One storyline takes your characters from level 1 to level 30. And we use Old School house rules. And when we say Old School, we mean it!

“1” is always a fumble. Firing arrows into melee could potentially harm your allies if you miss your target. And, for Pete’s sake, NO! YOU CAN’T FIRE ARROWS WHILE SWIMMING!!!

—Uncle Andy


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